Ayllu Community

AYLLU marks the beginning of a new global community that calls upon our generation to think big, celebrate diversity and stand together for a stronger future. Being a member of AYLLU means to embrace inclusivity and acceptance. Now more than ever - it is essential for us to use our voices to stand strong together.


I am very proud of my Kazakh/Tatar background. I often get asked where I'm from and it makes me happy to tell people about my country and my culture. I'm so lucky to say that I am blessed with so many amazing friends from all over the globe. I think our differences should be celebrated daily. This is why I wear my @aylluofficial bracelet to remind me to be proud of my heritage and to celebrate diversity all around me


Growing up in the United States and being the daughter of two Mexican Immigrants has taught me a lot about acceptance and the need to keep ones culture alive. For me, that means making sure I come home to spend the holidays with them and keeping up with my Spanish. What does that mean for you? What do you do to keep your culture alive wherever you may live?


Everyday I experience first hand what it means to embody & accept diversity. With an Italian & German Dad, and a West Indian & African-American Mom, I've been so blessed to grow up with such different & yet beautiful cultures that I'm so proud to be a part of. Being mixed has allowed me to better understand & appreciate those who are different than me, regardless of culture, religion, or political views. I'm so excited to be teaming up with Ayllu, whose new jewelry line encourages creating community through solidarity. These gorgeous earrings from their new collection signify diversity & the true beauty that comes from accepting & loving one another.


Together, we join hands to create a beautiful mosaic of different ethnicities with different beliefs and dreams. Living abroad and learning many different languages/cultures has always been near and dear to my heart. Through these experiences, I find myself a deeper understanding of my own uniqueness and background. Embracing this philosophy, I’ve partnered with Ayllu which celebrates the idea of “I AM YOU - LOVE - LUCK - UNITY”.